Learn How Your Body Functions
   Myoglobins and Muscle Power
   our motor nerves feed,actin and myosin,
   muscle fibers with HO-hydroxyls,O2-oxygen,
   and restorative myoglobin poly-peptide protein.
   We have two internal, O2-oxygen transfering systems,
1.Hemoglobin transports oxygen in our blood,to our organs,
2.Myoglobin transports oxygen in our nerves,to our muscles.
    Red Blood Cell Hemoglobin
    Red Blood Cells are composed of,
    Hemoglobin,blood cell globins,that,
    are 96% paired protein globins and,
    have 4% iron and oxygen carrying,
    heme molecules,in between them.
    The protein,in the globins,is made,
    to replace damaged joint ligament,
    and muscle tendon collagens and
    hip and shoulder socket gelatins.
    Click to learn more about how your,
The proteins in hemoglobin
help you to repair your joints
 Your Cell Wall Lipids...CLA, DHA, EPA
CLA gives heart tendons 
their strength and flexibilty
Heart Valve Tendons
 We use oily lipids in our tendon and muscle,
 cell walls,to give them strength and elasticity,
 and prevent them,from losing their internal fluids.
 help you to function better at school or work
Ball and Socket of Hip Joint
  The cartilage that lines,  
  the ball and the socket,
  of our hip joint is made,
  of GLA infused collagen.    
How the Lipid GLA
Restores Hip Joints
The GLA and calcium in our,
hip joint cartilage cells helps,
to support our weight and,
makes it possible for you,
To work,walk,swim and run,
without pain,when you eat,
the natural GLA rich foods,
described on our GLA page.
GLA in hip joint cartilage cells
GLA is in the center of
hip joint cartlage cells
    How Your Retina..Helps You to See
  Our eye,rod and eye cone cells,tell us,the form and color,
  of what we are looking at,are surprisingly,are at the back of,
  our eye retinas,the farthest away from our eye's lenses.
  Click the retina image to learn how these cells you to see.
How Your Eyes See and Know Colors
  We use the Rod Opsin group of vision,
 aiding proteins,in the light sensing cells,
 that secrete,the molecular messengers,
 which tell our eye cones,about the color,
 and form of objects,we look at in the day.
   We also use,the Rod Opsin group in,
 our eye rods,to see forms,in dim light.
 where its Vitamin A-Retinal Aldehyde,
 and its photon sensing,very light green,
 protein tubule,work together,to help us,
 sense forms,from sunset to sunrise.
   Each of the rod opsin tubules stores,
 its color related,molecular messenger,
 in the middle of its tubule and emits it,
 when it senses that color's light waves.
The Rod Opsin Tubules
Rod Opsin~(rhodopsin)
helps us see forms and color
Do you know the difference,between these molecules?
Pentane Diol
 Oxo,para propanol.. para=paired
Helps clean liver  of toxins
             Helps cure colon cancer
       Bi-Phenylene Indene
Helps grow new hair roots
   Helps restore cartilage and gums
 Learn more about the chemical drawings,youth need to understand,
 to be lab-techs,doctors,dentists,nurses,chemists or pharmacists,
   click to study the page > About Helpful Chemical Drawings ____________________________________________________________________________
Co-Enzyme Adenine..the co'enzyme A in your eye cones
Co-Enzyme A helps us,to sense,the colors of nearby objects.
When we lack"CoA",we begin to squint and use amphetamines.
The Essential Acids in your Cells
 We use these acids,to maintain the acidity or alkalinity of our cells.
   Each of them help different organs and different groups of cells.
   and when we lack them our body weakens and we soon fall sick.
   Yet,simply by eating the nuts,fruits and vegetables they exist in,
   we can restore our health and begin to play sports in a few days.
   Click on their names,to learn..How they help you grow and be active
   or click this link to phsystem.guide to learn about the new ph system.
 How Chromium Picolinate.helps your Heart and Brain
How it increases blood circulation     How it increases mental awareness
  Help Yourself Learn about The Earth's Minerals
  Get the New Periodic Table of the Elements
  We publish easier to use,periodic tables of the atomic elements,that,
  have all the elements shown in their numeric order and also show,
  their metric atomic weights,their electron bonds and electron orbitals.
  It helps you comprehend,the elements qualities and their best uses.
  They are printed in english,spanish and other languages,if requested.
  Chem-Data Publications takes your order,prints and ships them for us.
  About this Natural Science Institute and its research work world widel
Cliack..To  Read About Sports Hormones
Our body uses different action stimulating hormones,to develop,
the various muscle groups,we use to work,to dance or play sports.
All use different,Action Stimulating Hormones,so if you want to learn,
what hormones,help you,to increase your work or sports abilitys or,
how to make action hormones,to increase your teams performance.
help you destroy germs and viruses.
The Mind Expanding Vinca Plant
To Read About The Mind Expanding Vitamins
How Natural Vinpocetine helps
men and women to think better
How the Vitamins A's help us to see
Our inter'connected Brain CellsTo The Memory Boosting Prostaglandins
How our prosta'glandins help,
our brain,to catalyze,creative ability.
An Adrenal Mitochondrion
Click to Learn 
How to Restore a Sprained Ankle
Learn the Difference Between,
called HDL,LDL & VLDL cholesterol
Their Host Cells and Their Effects
Beta Ribbon Protein Poly'peptides
Agb abdoglobiins
1.A view of Agb Globins,
abdominal internal organs
repair protein,plasma globins
Egb Ear globins
2.A view of Egb
ear,head,spine globin
Cgb Cytoglobins
3.A view of Cgb
cell cytoglobin
Ngb Neuroglobins
4.A view of Ngb
 nerve neuroglobins
Ygb Bone End Globins
5.A view of Ygb
bone end globins
Muscle Myoglobins
6.A view of Mgb
muscle myoglobins
Blood Hemoglobins
7.A view of Hgb
RBC hemoglobins
click on a globin you want to study
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